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Our Vision, Mission and Values

BlueRock is a business founded on a principle of doing good things with good people. So, in 2019, Managing Director of BlueRock Private Wealth, Adam Morse, and Philanthropy Executive, Tabitha Lovett, got to talking about how we extend this approach to have a broader impact on families and communities? And then, more specifically, how do we expand on the wealth advisory services we currently offer our clients to create an accessible and holistic approach to philanthropy, investments and business?

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We are passionate and relentless

We aim to inspire

We make giving accessible

We help the helpers

Inspiring philanthropy to build strong communities and bring purpose to wealth.
We started our foundation to bring a greater sense of purpose to wealth generation for our staff, clients and community. Our mission is to inspire the wider BlueRock community to better support charitable causes. With our combined passion, we’ll build stronger communities together. Our impact will support organisations working on solutions that create positive change, focussing on grassroots groups with an entrepreneurial approach to solving problems.

Meet Our People

Our whole BlueRock community, including employees and clients, is involved in the Be BlueRock Foundation
Whether it be on the Foundation Board or Taskforce, establishing a fund, making donations, salary sacrificing or volunteering time. 
Ishara fernando
philanthropy and impact manager
Ishara leads the Foundation and Philanthropy Service. Ishara works with the Trustee Board Members and employee subcommittee the 'Charitable Taskforce' to engage the BlueRock Community by way of giving time volunteering or talent through pro bono work or giving treasure. The taskforce's primary remit is to champion the Foundation in their teams and to engage BlueRock staff with charity initiatives. Ishara is passionate about empowering others to take action so that together we can build stronger communities.

Trustee Board Members

Photo of Tabitha Lovett.
Tabitha Lovett
Philanthropy Specialist, bluerock, Philanthropy Australia
lyle meaney
executive managing partner, bluerock wealth & Law
jo stanlake
director of brand, sales & marketing, Bluerock
Photo of Lisa Marshall.
lisa marshall
managing director, bluerock accounting
Photo of Marco Saccotelli.
Marco Saccotelli
director, bluerock law
Kaitlin Beattie
fundraising project lead, the intrepid foundation
Jamie King
executive managing partner, bluerock finance

Investment Committee Members

Jacqueline Fernley
Chair of the Investment Committee, Chief Investment Officer | Mason Stevens
andrew ash
Manager Selection Committee, Head of Manager Research | Mason Stevens
john lockton
security selection committee, head of investment strategy | mst
hasan tevfik
bluerock investment committee, investment strategist | mst
jarrod broadbent
Security Selection Committee, Managing Director BlueRock Investments
Photo of Adam Morse.
adam morse
Manager Selection Committee, Managing Director BlueRock Family Office
gareth de maid
Manager Selection Committee, Investment Director BlueRock Private Wealth
jon holroyd
Security Selection Committee, Investment Director BlueRock Private Wealth

Who is BlueRock?

BlueRock is an entrepreneurial advisory firm with a multidisciplinary approach to running and growing a business and private wealth.
Our collaborative professional services span accounting, strategic wealth advice, bookkeeping, law, finance, SMSF, insurance, digital, Entertainment Media & Technology, grants, and philanthropy, all strategically implemented to protect, grow and give meaning to your life. 
While we place a strong commercial lens on everything we do, at our heart we’re a B Corporation that defines success through the positive impact we have across our team, clients, suppliers, community, and the environment.
Being a BlueRocker means helping, educating and caring for our community.

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Can I name my sub-fund?

You can name your sub-fund with your family name or to honour the name of someone you love. Some of our clients choose the name of their house or street to maintain anonymity and this is something we can help you with when you create your sub-fund.

How is establishing a sub-fund different from donating directly to charities?

Establishing a Be BlueRock Foundation sub-fund allows you to provide a targeted and measurable long-term benefit to the community.

The Be BlueRock Foundation gives you the flexibility to play an active role in decision making during your lifetime and the reassurance that the income will be distributed following your wishes in perpetuity.

Capital growth will make your donation become more meaningful over time.

Can I close my sub-fund and revoke the donation?

You can close your fund at any time; however, your donation is not refundable as it is a tax-deductible donation and therefore irrevocable.

If you no longer wish to give directions for your sub-fund and how it will distribute its income each year, you can either donate the funds to the Be BlueRock Fund, nominate some charities to receive the income in perpetuity, or award the donation in a lump sum to a charitable organisation(s) of your choice.

How are the funds invested?

BlueRock aims to maximise the long-term income and capital growth of the Foundation, adopting a disciplined, prudent investment process and avoiding speculative investments. Funds are combined and invested in a purpose-built portfolio managed by BlueRock with an environmentally and socially responsible lens.

BlueRock has a well-resourced and experienced Investment Committee, which oversees the investment management of all funds held in the Be BlueRock Foundation. The nature of this structure means that donors can’t direct their own investment strategy; however, on the plus side, this adds to cost efficiency and an effective and meaningful investment outcome.

We have specifically formulated an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aware portfolio focused where possible on ‘Impact Investing’. Impact Investing directs capital into businesses and assets that both align to the investment objectives of the Foundation, while deploying capital into opportunities focused on creating a better world. While cost efficiency is a focus, it ranks secondary to making meaningful investments. In the modern world, investing for good does not mean sacrificing the investment outcome.

Can other people make donations into my sub-fund?

Yes, and this is one of the great features of establishing a fund with the Be BlueRock Foundation. Members of the public can make tax deductible donations to your fund. This makes it a great way to involve family and friends in your giving or use it as your company’s giving vehicle.

How are grants made?

As sole trustee of the Be BlueRock Foundation, BlueRock is legally required to make all grant-making decisions and to ensure the net income of the Be BlueRock Foundation is distributed in accordance with legal and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements. While we are guided by your wishes in distributing funds from your sub-fund, the grants from the Be BlueRock Fund are made at BlueRock’s discretion.

Who can receive a grant from?

Beneficiaries of grants must be approved charitable organisations registered as Deductible Gift Recipients. Grants cannot be made to individuals or other Private or Public Ancillary Funds.

What ongoing information will I receive about my donations?

All donors will be provided with a receipt for any initial and subsequent donations.

As a fund holder, you will receive an annual account statement showing both the investment performance of your fund’s corpus and the grants that have been distributed.

How do I make additional donations to my fund?

You can make additional donations to your sub-fund at any time.

Your BlueRock advisor can also help you with the process of making additional donations and the decision around how much to donate can be built into your financial planning advice.

Can I leave money to the BlueRock Foundation in my Will?

You can leave an additional donation to an existing BlueRock fund or a bequest to the Be BlueRock Fund. At BlueRock we provide estate planning services and are here to help you structure your philanthropy during your lifetime and as part of your estate.

What are the tax advantages of having a Be BlueRock Foundation fund?

Donations to the Be BlueRock Foundation at all levels are tax deductible. Donations over $5,000 can be deducted over a period of 5 years to maximise your tax deduction against your annual income.

This means if you establish your fund with a larger seed donation than you would normally donate in a year, you can spread the tax deduction across future taxable years. There may also be capital gains relief for certain testamentary donations.

Our BlueRock Tax team can advise you on your individual circumstances.

Can a charitable organisation use the Be BlueRock Foundation to raise funds for a specific cause?

A charity can use a Be BlueRock Foundation Fund as a part of its general fundraising strategy, or to raise funds for one of its programs or projects, and seek funds from the general public to support their cause.

Can a company use the Be BlueRock Foundation to establish a corporate giving program?

A company can use the Be BlueRock Foundation to establish a corporate giving program, and this is a very efficient way for a company to manage their charitable giving. A Charity Fund or Cause Fund provides companies with a flexible, low-cost means of realising their philanthropic strategy and fostering a sense of shared achievement with their employees.

What are the fees and charges?

There are no fees to make donations to the Be BlueRock Foundation Fund. If you’re establishing a charitable fund account, there are fees involved which include a once off establishment fee plus some annual fees.

These fees include all BlueRock’s charges, including investment service, governance, audit, distributions and communications.

BlueRock also offers a Philanthropy Advisory Service, which can work with you to decide on the best personalised approach for your philanthropy.

Contact us for more information or download the toolkit to read the amounts and description of fees.