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Charitable Fund Account 

A strategic and cost-effective way to support the issues you care about.

Choose the causes you wish to support, name your fund and get your family and friends involved. You’ll meet like-minded donors and get to know the charities and programs you’re backing, with the full support of our team’s knowledge and research. Embark on your philanthropy journey knowing that BlueRock will manage the investment, administration, compliance and governance of your charitable fund account, while you focus on your giving.

A charitable fund account requires a minimum donation of $50,000.
Set up your fund

Benefits of Establishing a Be BlueRock Foundation Fund

You can make a tax-deductible donation now and decide each year which charities to support with the distributable income.

You can support the charities of your choice by funding projects or provide an enduring revenue stream.

You can embark on your philanthropic journey secure in the knowledge that all the administration, compliance and governance is taken care of by the trustees.

You can involve your family members.

How does it all work?

You set up a fund based on your personal circumstances – either on your own or together with friends, family, your company or a local club.
You decide which causes or charities are nearest and dearest to your heart.
You contribute money to your fund when you can.
You are the master of your own fund – it is yours to do with as you please. 
Your donations get invested on your behalf – sit back and watch it grow.
We’ve made it easy for you and your family to get involved in philanthropy.
From a single donation to the Be BlueRock Foundation, to creating a lasting legacy with your own charitable fund account, we’re here to guide you on your philanthropic journey.  

Be BlueRock Fund

The Be BlueRock Fund is the umbrella fund of the Be BlueRock Foundation and is a simple, effective way for you to support a broad range of targeted philanthropic activities without opening your own fund or requiring larger donations.

BlueRock has partnered with a number of locally based, reputable not-for-profits and charities who deliver vital services to the community to alleviate disadvantage, protect the environment, improve mental health and empower vulnerable members of the community with financial support and counselling. 

As well as awarding financial grants from the Be BlueRock Fund, we also provide the charities we support access to our full range of services on a pro bono basis, enabling our not-for-profit partners to grow and thrive. The BlueRock team can also volunteer with the organisations and support them with their time and expertise.

Your donation to the Be BlueRock Fund will be distributed to the charities we support and details of their activities and achievements are published each year on our website.

You can also make a direct donation to the Be BlueRock Foundation.
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BlueRock Impact Portfolio 

Our Impact Portfolio extends beyond applying a simple ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) filter. It incorporates a specific mandate of investing, where possible, in asset classes and strategies focused on making a positive impact on our world.

There’s a growing global movement towards ‘investing for good’ and with the significant growth of new technologies, renewable energies, social infrastructure and medical advancements, investing with a positive impact objective doesn’t require investors to forgo the potential to achieve growth. 

When you donate to the Be BlueRock Foundation or set up a charitable fund account, your donations are invested in BlueRock’s Impact Portfolio. As your donations grow, income is distributed to the charities of your choice. The aim of the investment strategy is generate a healthy income return to meet the charitable fund account’s minimum distribution requirement of 4% and allow capital growth to stay ahead of inflation. 

Philanthropic Advisory Service 

Tailor a giving strategy that directly addresses your passions with a personalised plan that’s right for you, your family or your business.

Our philanthropy team will explore, research and complete due diligence on potential charities of interest to you. We'll also develop your strategy and define what giving means to you, helping you understand if you want to give your time through volunteering, your talents through pro bono work or your treasure through donations.

Discuss your reasons for giving, goals and interests

Identify cause areas you care about

Discuss what you would like to give by way of time, talent and treasure

Create a mission statement for your sub fund

Create a plan for future contributions into the sub fund

Agree on annual distribution — minimum of 4%

BlueRock then identifies potential organisations that fit within your chosen cause areas

BlueRock completes due diligence on these organisations to ensure they are compliant

You choose which charities you would like to distribute to