Set up a Fund

It’s easy to set up a fund through the Be BlueRock Foundation in a way that suits you and your family.
There are 2 types of funds to choose from and our BlueRock Foundation team is happy to advise you on the best approach for you, based on the causes you wish to support, the amount you wish to give and the ongoing involvement you would like to have.

Types of Be BlueRock Foundation Funds

Be BlueRock Fund

The Be BlueRock Fund is the umbrella fund of the Be BlueRock Foundation and is a simple, effective way for you to support a broad range of targeted philanthropic activities without opening your own fund or requiring larger donations.

BlueRock has partnered with a number of locally based, reputable not-for-profits and charities who deliver vital services to the community to alleviate disadvantage, protect the environment, improve mental health and empower vulnerable members of the community with financial support and counselling. 

As well as awarding financial grants from the Be BlueRock Fund, we also provide the charities we support access to our full range of services on a pro bono basis, enabling our not-for-profit partners to grow and thrive. The BlueRock team can also volunteer with the organisations and support them with their time and expertise.

Your donation to the Be BlueRock Fund will be distributed to the charities we support and details of their activities and achievements are published each year on our website.

You can also make a direct donation to the Be BlueRock Foundation.
Make a donation

Your Own Sub-Fund

Setting up your own sub-fund allows you to choose the causes and charities you would like to support through the Be BlueRock Foundation.

Our BlueRock team can help to source impactful projects and programs within your areas of interest for you to consider and select. 

You can involve family and friends and get to know the charities and programs you are supporting with site visits and regular reports.

A Sub-Fund requires a minimum donation of $50,000.
Set Up Your Sub-Fund
The most effective philanthropy helps people help themselves and preserves their self-respect.”
Eugene C. Dorsey

Make a Donation

Donations will be added to the main Be BlueRock Fund and will support local organisations working in the areas of Conservation, Animals and Environment; Youth Mental Health; and Financial Literacy for Vulnerable Cohorts.