Inspiring philanthropy to build strong communities

What is the Be BlueRock Foundation?

BlueRock established the Be BlueRock Foundation to give individuals and organisations a simple, cost-effective and tax-effective way to establish their own sub-fund with the support of a broader foundation, so they can distribute funds to charities of their choice over time. It’s another way we can give back to our communities.
The Be BlueRock Foundation is a Public Ancillary Fund, which is a type of charitable trust in which an individual, family, organisation or company can establish a fund to put aside money for long-term charitable purposes. It allows people to enjoy the benefits of a public foundation without the responsibilities of being a trustee.
BlueRock is responsible for the administrative, investment, legal, taxation, audit, reporting and compliance requirements of being a trustee which leaves you, our client, free to think about the charities and causes you’d like to support.

Why Did We Create the Be BlueRock Foundation?

The Be BlueRock Foundation creates another opportunity for us to give back to our community. 
The BeBlueRock Foundation allows our clients and staff to engage in meaningful conversations about how we can give back and strengthen our communities, protect our environment and help those in need.
The philanthropic endeavours of our professional services peers often starts with a commercial focus. BlueRock aims to disrupt this business model by maintaining a focus on impact as our core and primary objective.
Importantly, the Public Ancillary Fund structure creates the opportunity for our clients to engage with a much smaller financial commitment, therefore broadening the scope to connect, educate and impact a much wider audience.
Setting up a fund with the Be BlueRock Foundation means there are no time-consuming establishment processes or delays associated with gaining ATO approval.
You can make a tax-deductible donation now and decide each year which charities to support with the distributable income.

You can support the charities of your choice by funding projects or provide an enduring revenue stream.

You can embark on your philanthropic journey secure in the knowledge that all the administration, compliance and governance is taken care of by the trustees.

You can involve your family members.

You set up a fund based on your personal circumstances – either on your own or together with friends, family, your company or a local club.
You decide which causes or charities are nearest and dearest to your heart.
You contribute money to your fund when you can.
You are the master of your own fund – it is yours to do with as you please. 
Your donations get invested on your behalf – sit back and watch it grow.