do good with your business

Create a giving structure and strategy to drive deeper engagement and meaningful connection for your business community to give back to the community with maximum impact.

Benefits of Establishing your own charitable fund account

Support the charities you care about by providing an enduring revenue stream with fund distributions, instead of one-off donations.

Embark on a philanthropic journey knowing that all administration, compliance and governance is taken care of by the Be BlueRock Foundation.

Engage your staff in establishing your sub-fund’s cause areas, name and giving strategy.

Attract and engage staff

Charitable Fund Account 

A strategic and cost-effective way for businesses to give back to their communities.

Choose the causes you wish to support, name your fund and get your staff and customers involved. You’ll meet like-minded businesses, get hands on with the charities and programs you’re backing, with the full support of our team’s knowledge and research. Take CSR to a new level for your business, knowing that BlueRock will manage the investment, administration, compliance and governance of your charitable fund account, while you focus on doing good.

A charitable fund account requires a minimum donation of $50,000.
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How does it all work?

Your company sets up a fund with Be BlueRock Foundation as trustee.
You and your staff decide which cause areas to focus on and where you’ll make an impact.
You contribute money to yourfund through staff salary sacrificing, fundraising efforts or one-off tax deductible donations.
Your funds are invested to grow over time, with an agreed amount distributed to DGR status charities each year.

Philanthropic Advisory Service 

Tailor a giving strategy that enables your business to do good and give back to the community, without the admin and high-costs.

Our philanthropy team will explore, research and complete due diligence on potential charities and cause areas. We'll also develop your strategy and define what giving means to you, helping you understand how your business and staff can give time through volunteering, give talent through pro bono work, or treasure through donations.

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