How Strategic Philanthropy Builds a Lasting Legacy

Discover the lasting impact of strategic philanthropy. Learn how to create a charitable legacy that endures. Make a difference today.

How Strategic Philanthropy Builds a Lasting Legacy

Discover the lasting impact of strategic philanthropy. Learn how to create a charitable legacy that endures. Make a difference today.

When it comes to giving back, the choice between a one-time donation and a structured, long-term commitment can be transformative. In this article, we'll explore the remarkable impact of strategic philanthropy and how it can create a legacy of giving that endures for generations. We'll share a compelling case study and demonstrate how you can experience the effects of your giving while you're still alive.

From $1 Million to $80 Million+ with a Testamentary Charitable Trust

Case Study: The Moss Trust Legacy

In 1960, when Harry Lyons Moss passed away, his will contained a powerful vision for philanthropy. He directed the establishment of the Moss Trust, a testamentary charitable trust, with the purpose of supporting the Royal Children's Hospital. What began as a one-million-pound donation has grown into an annual contribution exceeding $4 million, with the trust's total value now exceeding a staggering $80 million.

The Moss Trust for the Royal Children's Hospital Graph

The Strategic Advantage: Creating a Charitable Vehicle in a Public Ancillary Fund

Establishing a charitable vehicle, such as a sub-fund with the Be BlueRock Foundation, exemplifies the strength of strategic giving. This approach ensures that your philanthropic legacy is enduring, allowing your gift to continue benefiting causes you care about in perpetuity.

How Far Can a $100,000 Donation Go?

Sample Project: The Be BlueRock Foundation Sub-Fund

We've prepared a hypothetical scenario to illustrate the potential impact of strategic giving. Imagine making an initial donation of $100,000 and contributing $10,000 annually. Here's how your giving could unfold:

  • Tax Benefits: Your donations are tax-deductible, reducing your out-of-pocket cost. In the highest income bracket, you'd only pay $55,000 out of pocket for a $100,000 gift to the trustee foundation.
  • Investment Growth: The capital invested in your sub-fund account has the potential to grow significantly. Over ten years, it could reach $223,000 in value.
  • Cumulative Charity Distributions: During that same decade, your sub-fund could distribute a cumulative total of $61,000 to charitable causes.
Value of strategic giving with your donations bar graph

Important Note: Projected Figures Disclaimer

While these projections are encouraging, it's essential to recognise that they’re based on certain assumptions. Actual results will depend on investment performance and other variables.

Creating Your Strategic Giving Structure with the BlueRock Philanthropy Team

If you're inspired to make a lasting impact through strategic philanthropy, our BlueRock Philanthropy team is here to guide you. We offer various options, including:

  • Giving During Your Lifetime: Explore the possibility of giving personally or through your business, utilising options like a Public Ancillary Fund sub-fund or a Private Ancillary Fund.
  • Legacy Planning: Consider setting up a fund or including a charitable gift in your will to leave a legacy that continues to make a difference even after you're gone.

In the world of philanthropy, choosing strategic giving over one-time donations can result in a profound and lasting impact. The Moss Trust's incredible journey, from a modest million-pound contribution to an annual gift exceeding $4 million with an $80 million fund, demonstrates the potential of structured giving. By establishing your own strategic philanthropic structure, you can build a legacy of giving that leaves a meaningful mark on the causes you hold dear. Whether you decide to give during your lifetime or plan for a charitable legacy, the BlueRock Philanthropy consulting team is here to assist you every step of the way. Reach out for a free consultation to better understand how you can get involved in philanthropy.

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